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A Vision is something you imagine to become or imagine will happen. A vision is a dream of the future of what you want to become, or how you want your life, business, home or family to be. It could be within a given time period. A vision can also be described as a goal which is the object of effort. A goal is an aim. A vision is a picture painted and carried in the mind until it is fulfilled. A vision could be given by God without the one to whom the vision is given desiring it – it is not a product of the visionary’s desire.

A vision could be ones aim in life, without it being a direct revelation from heaven – in this case, a product of one’s personal desire.

  • Abraham – Nurtured that inner picture of many generations of children through his promised son, Isaac (Gen 15:5,6)
  • The woman of the issue of blood – “if I can only touch the hem of his garment” (Mk 5:25-34)
  • Christ – who for the joy (resurrection and reconciliation of man to God) that was set before him, endured the cross. (Heb. 12:22)
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Nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us that is in Jesus Christ our Lord
  1. To take the gospel of Jesus Christ from village to village, town to town, city to city and nation to nation as the Lord spoke to his servant Sylvester Onyemalechi in 1984.
  2. To teach the word of God to the family of Jesus through systematic, simple and undiluted teachings.


This we will achieve by means of:

  • Seminars, conferences, retreats, crusades and participating in similar programs organized by others as we are invited.
  • Publishing of books, tracts, newsletters and magazine.
  • Daily and weekly radio, television and satellite network broadcasts as the Lord provides the means.
  • Establishment of a bible school where people will be trained for ministry and missions.
  1. To train, send out and maintain missionaries in countries that the Holy Spirit will direct us.
  2. Publishing and free distribution of teaching and evangelistic tracts to save and train the believer in the word of God.
  3. To educate the body of Christ about the nature of the human mind – it’s influencing, domineering and controlling power. And how we can bring our thoughts under control in order to manifest as true sons of God.

To bring people to Jesus and membership in his family, develop them to Christ like maturity (manifesting as true sons of God), and equip them for their ministry in the Church and life mission in the world, in order to magnify God’s name.

MAGNIFY: We celebrate God’s presence in worship.

MISSION: We communicate God’s word through evangelism.

MEMBERSHIP: We incorporate God’s family into our fellowship where Jesus is Lord.

MATURITY: We educate God’s people through discipleship.

MINISTRY: We demonstrate God’s love through service.


  • A teaching and solution center
  • Building lives for God
  • Training people to be faithful and successful disciples of Christ
  • Building strong relationships
  • Ministering to the family
  • Giving hope to the hopeless, strength and encouragement to the defeated and frustrated that throng our community
  • Promoting the love of God


A family church, built on the Word, characterized by love, acceptance, forgiveness, and togetherness, where every member is discipled in the Word of God and released into their God-given destiny, with a commitment to the great commandment and the great commission.


  1. To evangelize our community and bring them to Jesus Christ.
  2. Building a growing family through love, acceptance and forgiveness.
  3. Building members to become strong and mature in the Lord.
  4. Identifying the calling and developing the gifting of every believer for the work of the ministry.
  5. Identifying and training emerging leaders who are fully committed to Jesus Christ and who are willing to reach their generation with the gospel.
  6. Commitment to world evangelism.
  7. Passionate heartbeat for God and his plan.
  8. Maintaining a family, loving and conducive atmosphere for the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.
  9. Openness to the supernatural ministry of the Holy Spirit as a key to success in life and ministry.
  10. Strong emphasis on the application of God’s word in every area of life as a proof of true love for God and total submission to the Lord Jesus Christ our Savior.
  11. Encouraging the discouraged and weak and motivating all worshippers to a life of success and excellence.
  12. A vibrant and exciting praise and worship experience.
  1. I have a purpose.

I am not just bumping along through life with no direction or reason for existence.

  1. My purpose is winning souls.

This is my highest and ultimate calling on earth.

  1. I fulfill my purpose best in a group.

I maximize my potential when in partnership.

  1. I will never be satisfied until I fulfill my purpose.

No hobbies, jobs or relationships can bring me inward satisfaction like winning souls.

  1. I have no promise of tomorrow.

I must work while I have the chance because I don’t know how long I have left to reach the lost.

  1. Believe in the vision and join us in making it come true.
  2. Pray daily for the actualization of the vision of this ministry.
  3. Find your part in the vision – what can you do to contribute to the actualization of the vision and mandate from God? Whatever you can do, do it with all your might.
  4. Submit to the leadership of the church to make their job easier.
  5. Contribute financially to the actualization of the vision. No vision is actualized without money. Be a faithful tither, and sacrificially give in order to fulfill the assignment
  6. Be an active member of the church.
  7. Advertise the church and her activities.
  8. Never run down any member or leader, but speak good of all and the church, especially before outsiders.
  9. Mobilize the community to attend all the programs and meetings of the church and ministry. Aggressively evangelize and invite people to the church for our meetings.
  10. Be your brother’s keeper – visit members from time to time and help others overcome their weaknesses and become overcomers and mature in Christ Jesus.

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I am not just bumping along through life with no direction or reason for existence.

Our Pastors

Never run down any member or leader, but speak good of all and the church, especially before outsiders.
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